Vickie Hicks grew up in Dallas, Texas. At eighteen, she moved to New York City in order to pursue a career in acting. After six years of taking acting classes and appearing in several plays that were so off Broadway she wasn't sure she was in the state anymore, she decided to travel west.

She moved to Los Angeles, where she turned her attention to writing. After several attempts at getting her foot in the door (and a few mashed toes), she landed a job with Chuck Barris Productions, writing for "The All New Dating Game" and "The New Newlywed Game." She got to travel as a chaperone (she went to Portugal and Hawaii!), and learned more about newlywed couples than anyone ever should.

After eight years, she moved back east. She currently resides in Lansing, New York with her husband, Director Kevin Hicks, and two children.



"Behind The Door" -- Executive Producer [Fall 2014 release)

"America's Beach: The People of Hatteras Island" - Writer, Producer

"Paranormal Proof" - Executive Producer

"Waiting on Alphie" -- Creative Consultant

"Cayuga Lake Wine Country" -- Creative consultant

"Goodbye, Walter" -- Writer

"From the Heart" -- Writer/Associate Producer

"The New Newlywed Game" -- Writer

"The All New Dating Game" -- Writer


"After Dark"(development)
(Supernatural Thriller)

A young couple find themselves in a deadly battle against an evil force that only comes out after dark.

"Dead Game"(development)

A group of people come together for a treasure hunt with a million-dollar prize, only to find that the game they have signed up for is not one of dollars and cents, but life and death.


"Among the Shadows"(development)

Following a bitter divorce and nervous breakdown, famous artist Sylvia Parkes seeks refuge in a secluded vacation house that holds a deadly secret.

"The Whiskey River Café"

After food-enthusiast, Holly French, discovers that her husband has a sweet tooth for an Italian heiress, she heads to Texas to stir up recipes and relationships with the eccentric folks of Whiskey River.

"Lie Still"

Lou Gardner and her daughter move in with Lou's mother in a small Georgia town, where a local mystery is tied to a terrible family secret.

"The Devil Grinned"

During a summertime visit with two eccentric aunts, Emmie and Andy Turner embark on a dangerous game of cat and mouse after witnessing a crime committed by the town’s new pastor.

"The Jericho Letters"
(Period Mystery)

After exhuming the body of Edward Middleton, Inspector Jericho Jones begins a murder investigation that will challenge his idea of guilt, innocence and justice.


"Goin' Thoreau"

A man's quest for a simpler life leads him on a road with twists, turns, a naked man and other unlikely sources of wisdom.

"Die A Little"

A married man breaks off an affair and tries to repair his marriage as he is stalked by his scorned ex-lover.